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Reliable Whole Home Plumbing Check-Up Services for Santa Barbara Residents

The key to preventing major plumbing issues in your home is to catch them when they are still minor and have the necessary repairs made. With The Plumbing Factory, Inc. this is possible with our plumbing check-up service. We will visit your Santa Barbara, CA home and thoroughly inspect your plumbing system and report on what we find, before making any repairs and restoring your system so it is like new.

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plumbing check-up services

Common Household Plumbing Issues

Having access to a whole home plumbing check-up service helps you locate minor issues before they become serious. Some of the more common areas that homeowners encounter plumbing issues include the kitchen with the faucets and garbage disposal, the water heater, bathroom and kitchen drains, pipes, sewer lines and gas lines. Having regular check-ups will reduce the likelihood of trouble and keep your entire plumbing system running smoothly all year long.

Why Get a Whole Home Plumbing Check-Up?

Spending a little money to save a lot is a concept used in many situations, and it works well with whole house plumbing check-ups too. By having a professional plumber in your home to inspect the various components of your system, you are effectively preventing the need for costly repairs when you least expect them.

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Reasons to Choose Our Team

When you choose to work with The Plumbing Factory, Inc., you will receive high quality plumbing service and exceptional customer service, along with the following perks:

More than 40 Years of Experience: When you have more than 40 years of experience behind, you, it’s easy to provide high quality service each and every time.

Family Owned and Operated: "Simply the Best" friend in the plumbing industry is our slogan, and we treat every customer as a close friend or family member.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We won’t stop working on your repair or installation until you are completely satisfied.

Upfront Pricing: We charge by the job instead of by the hour. That way, you know the cost of your service before we start any work and will never receive a surprise on your bill.

Keep your plumbing system running smoothly all year long with a whole home plumbing check-up from our experts. Call (805) 963-2400 today for fast, reliable service in Santa Barbara, CA and the surrounding area.