Why You Need to 'Commit' to Your Plumbing This Valentine's Day

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As Valentine's Day approaches, it seems like everyone becomes love crazy! What should I give my love? Where should I take them? What am I going to do?! At the same time, you might be feeling the squeeze to take your relationship to the next level with a firmer commitment.

But don't let the fear of committing ruin your holiday! Make the choice that will always work for you: commit to a maintenance plan for your home plumbing! When you have your plumbing inspected regularly, you can avoid minor inconveniences and even prevent significant problems.

And maybe now that your home is the best shape, you’ll feel confident about bringing your significant other home! Keep reading to find out how a membership reward plan can benefit you.

Stop a Plumbing Emergency in Its Tracks


Every day in the shower you wash hair, dirt, oil, and dried skin down the drain. All that material can build up on the sides of the pipes causing the drain to slow or even back up completely.

That extra pressure on pipes can lead to a rupture, or possible a slow leak. While you will notice a break right away, a slow leak will let water seep into your floors and walls, possibly causing thousands of dollars of damage.

Giving your pipes an annual checkup and cleaning will remove debris from your pipes before a clog form and will find any leak before causing damage that requires major repairs. Avoid a plumbing emergency and get your pipes inspected!

How to Prolong The Life of Your Pipe System


Most of us deal with minor clogs on our own without calling in a specialist. Perhaps you even consider yourself a plunger ninja, attacking blockage before it knows what hit it!

However, dealing with a clog when it happens is no substitute for regular maintenance! Before you grab the plunger or unravel the drain snake, consider the benefit of professionally cleaning your pipe system.

A professional can use advanced cleaning techniques, like hydro jetting, to remove clogs before they start. Hydro jetting, which forces pressurized water through your pipes, requires a pro's touch. Too much pressure can burst a pipe and not enough will be ineffective. Also, an inspection reveals the weak spots on your pipe system. A pro can repair those issues before they cause a problem.

Hire a Professional For Long Term Care

Avoiding most plumbing problems is as easy as signing up for a membership reward program. When you sign up for membership, you are ensuring the long term health of your indoor plumbing. And membership provides many advantages such as:


Save money while keeping your home plumbing flowing smoothly. Sign up for a Membership Reward Program with The Plumbing Factory! We will make your home plumbing our priority! Call us now at (805)963-2400 to find out how! The Plumbing Factory proudly serves San Barbara and the surrounding areas!