Ways to Use Your Outdoor Plumbing on The Year’s Longest Day

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The longest day of the year will soon be upon us. Have you made plans for how to use your extra sunshine on June 21st? The summer solstice has been a special day for hundreds of years in many different cultures.

In the northern hemisphere, it marks the last day of spring and the official start of summer. There are a ton of exciting ways that you can celebrate without breaking the bank.

Whether you simply spend a few extra minutes enjoying the sunshine with a cup of iced tea in your hand or you plan a giant block party with all of your neighbors, make sure you do at least a little something to ring in summer. If you need some easy, affordable activities... with your outdoor plumbing, keep reading!

Slip and Slide with Sprinklers

There are tons of fun, cheap activities you can create with your sprinkler. Running through a sprinkler is a good way to keep your kids occupied for a while, but if you really want to wear them out, consider using your sprinkler to create a slip-n-slide.


You only need a few materials:

All you need to do is roll out some plastic, tack it down with some tent stakes, and saturate it with the sprinkler.

Your kids will have a blast running and sliding, competing to see who can get to the end the fastest or in the most creative pose.

The show will entertain the adults at your backyard barbeque, and the kids will be so worn out at the end of the night that they’ll sleep like babies.

Bonus: your grass will get some much-needed water while the kids play.

Start Some Hose Fights


If you can’t stand to listen to your kids squabble over the TV remote control for one more minute, send them outside for a water fight.

Arm each child with a hose and let them drench each other. They’ll work off their pent-up energy, and they’ll water your lawn at the same time!

If you want to avoid large puddles in your yard and conserve some water, you could use squirt guns instead. Your kids will have just as much fun, if not more, running and dodging each other’s spray, without over-watering your lawn.

If you collect rainwater in your yard, you can reduce the cost of your children’s water fight to zero dollars. After you show them how to submerge their weapons to fill them up, they’ll have fun all afternoon.

Water Balloon War


If you want to be the envy of all of the other parents on your block, plan an epic water balloon war for your neighborhood block party.

All you need is some water balloons and you’re in business. Recruit a few parents to help you fill and distribute the water bombs, and then explain the simple rules:

You’ll water your entire block while creating memories with your kids that will last a lifetime. No matter how old they get, they won’t forget the way their dad dodged a balloon Matrix-style or the way that their mom snuck up on Johnny’s mom to soak her with a well-placed shot.

You can have a secondary competition to see which child can collect the most water balloon pieces after the fight. With a tantalizing prize, something as small as a candy bar, you can get all of the plastic picked up so that it doesn’t harm any wildlife.

Enjoy the Summer Solstice!

This year make sure that you take in some extra sunshine for the summer solstice. You don’t have to break the bank to create lasting memories.

You can even conserve water by using your water barrels or by doing double duty with the sprinkler.

Happy Solstice from The Plumbing Factory, Inc.!