How to Use Low Flush Toilets To Reduce Your Summer Water Use

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People in Santa Barbara are well aware of how essential conservation efforts are to our planet’s health and longevity. Earth faces more demands than it ever has before, and that makes it increasingly important to do whatever we can to help save it.

One of the most important things we can do is water conservation. There is an abundance of ways that we can monitor and decrease our water usage here in California, and we can start with just a simple flush!

This article will help you learn more about you how you can reduce water usage this summer with the installation of low flush toilets in your own home.

What Is A Low Flush Toilet?


Low flush/flow toilets, also called high-efficiency toilets, were invented in the 1990s specifically to comply with environmental concerns about water usage and the new laws that were created to dictate federal maximum flush rates - which were 1.6 gallons per flush.

While created to conserve water, low flush toilet usage can also save the average Californian household hundreds of dollars per year on their water bill.

There are three low flush toilet designs on the market - two button flush toilets, power- or pressure-assist toilets, and gravity-fed tank toilets. Each of these toilet designs has its own specific advantages and disadvantages, so be sure to research each before making a final decision.

How Does A Low Flush Toilet Work?


Using pressurized air located in the tank helps to push the water into the toilet bowl faster than in a traditional toilet bowl, which leads to a louder sounding flush that also uses much less water than the traditional toilet models (by two to three times).

This new design works to reduce the water intake of the toilet as well as decreasing its water output. Additionally, by adding a two-flush design option, you can save even more water by using less water on “smaller” jobs in the toilet.

And let's not stop there! the chances of you getting a toilet clog are even lower, so drain cleaning services will also be needed with less frequency.

Why Should We Worry About Water Usage?


There is a high likelihood that, if you’re reading this article, you’re already one of the people in California that is working hard to save our planet. Thank you!

You should be proud! Without your help, our planet will not get any better. By now, you’ve heard that the conservation of water is important, but do you know why it is that we need to reduce water usage?

While our planet looks like it is mostly water, the amount of it that is considered usable water is surprising. Out of all the sources of water on Earth, only 0.5% of it is actually drinkable water. Realistically, our planet’s water sources are not endless and they will, inevitably, run out. This is a frightening proposition.

The conservation of water is also important as it can minimize the potentially devastating financial effects of water shortages and droughts and reduce political conflicts that can happen as a result of the increasing cost of water.

It also helps reduce the guilt that can be associated with using water for simple, old fashioned fun - like going for a swim in one of Santa Barbara’s numerous swimming pools. Installing a low flush toilet is one of the best ways you can start to reduce your own water usage.

However, don’t stop there! At The Plumbing Factory, Inc. we incist that yous seek out additional ways so that you can conserve water, both in your own home and, on a larger scale, in the city of Santa Barbara.