This Mother’s Day, Show Your Mom Your Appreciation for Life’s Lessons

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Mothers are some of the best people in the world. They’re the ones who changed our diapers, fed us, rocked us to sleep, and help us do our school projects at the last minute.

But they also teach us some important lessons, even though we probably don’t think they’re all that important at the time. We probably rolled our eyes, got upset and did other things when she tried to teach us these things.

But as we get older, we realize that she was right. Below are some of the things that your mom probably said to you and the secret plumbing system reasons why she said them.

Go Back and Wipe the Glassware Again!


How many times did you wash the dishes and have your mom come over for an inspection only to have her say this?

If that happened to you, don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. This happened to lots of kids all over the United States.

But there’s a good chance that it may not even have been your fault. Your house might have had hard water. Hard water is mineral-rich water that can wreak havoc on your home. From water leaks to those annoying stains on glasses, no amount of wiping the glasses could combat.

If your mom is still having this issue, you might want to talk to her about getting a water softener. These devices help filter the water, leaving you with soft water you can use without worrying about stains!

“Why Are You in the Bathroom so Long?” – Asked by every mother everywhere


Ahh, the teenage years. This is probably when you spent the most time in the bathroom, because that’s when you start playing sports, working in places like McDonald’s and Burger King where your hair and skin gets full of grease, and you start dating.

This equals a lot of showers and a lot of time in the bathroom. Unfortunately, unless your house had a well, your parents had to pay for the water. Not only that, but it also could affect the home’s pipes and make them corrode faster.

As an adult, now paying your own bills, you could be looking for ways to cut down on costs. One way might be to listen to ol’ mom’s advice and start turning off your water mid-shower.

“Have I Told You About My Friend Who’s Been Collecting Water?”


Moms are awesome. They know a lot. They also have a friend or friends who have tried different things that they’re willing to try it, too.

That goes for collecting water. Whether your mom wanted to save money or save the environment, she might have discovered that collecting water is a great idea.

Rainwater’s a great choice for watering plants, washing vehicles and more! Not only that, but it’s free. You just have to create the setup. So from The Plumbing Factory, Inc., we want to remind you don’t forget to call your mom on the 12th of May.

If you don’t have a mom, make the day special for another woman in your life. Whether it’s the mother of your children, a sister who’s a mom or someone else, make sure that you are remembering the moms in your life.

They have done a lot for you and they deserve to be celebrated. So think of special ways that you can celebrate them and show that you appreciate them. Whether it’s flowers, dinner, or another way to do it, your mom is going to appreciate it.