Leveraging Plumbing Maintenance For a Cleaner Home

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If you are like many people, one thing that you don’t think of until there’s a problem is having your plumbing and sewage pipes cleaned. But the time to consider it is before you have a problem.

With the start of spring, many homeowners may be looking to clean, organize, and refresh their homes. While this often starts with a deep cleaning and family bonding over organizational tips, there may be an essential component of your home you’re overlooking.

The plumbing system is essential for your comfort and care. It does more than keep you comfortable, it keeps you safe from the dangers of damage. So as you’re setting a list of duties for spring cleaning, be sure to throw some plumbing work into the mix.

How is Drain Cleaning Done?

There is a lot of plumbing that runs throughout your home, but certain areas are more susceptible than others. Two points where you should focus your plumbing cleaning efforts include:


Plan frequent clearing of drainage pipes to keep your household drains running well. Blocked drain pipes in your kitchen or washroom could result in gross smells from stagnant wastewater and can lead to health concerns.

The Benefits of Sewer Cleaning


The sanitary sewage chamber is where everything you flush from your family’s toilets and sinks goes.

In addition, all wastewater – from dishwashers and washing machines, enter this chamber, which transports all wastewater to the recycling system, where it’s treated before flowing back into your city water supply.

A sewage clearing outlet is an important part of your family’s drainage system and waste removal method. All homeowners should be familiar with where the sewage clearing outlet is positioned. Every landlord should ensure that the occupants of their premises know where the sewage clearing outlet is situated as well.

The sewage clearing outlet is a pipe with a stopper, which delivers wastewater to the sewage pipe to allow blocked pipes to be cleared. The horizontal sewage pipe directly links your household to the general sewage.

Usually, the sewage clearing outlet is normally found where the horizontal sewage pipe joins with it. When there is a blockage along the horizontal sewage pipe, it’s necessary to remove the accumulated debris.

Save Money With Plumbing Care


Cleaning experts can examine and replace old waste pipes that have deteriorated. This is going to help you save money that you would have spent if your system were to break down.

Contact our company for prompt and innovative expert plumbing care. We use modern tools and techniques to keep your home in top shape.

Spring is an exciting time where you’re improving your home and enjoying the warmer weather - so why not add to the fun with a well-maintained plumbing system? At The Plumbing Factory, we are your reliable Santa Barbara plumbers. If you need help integrating your plumbing system into your spring cleaning plans, give us a call at (805) 960-2400 today!