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I remember walking into a restroom years ago, wondering why my family couldn’t have automatic faucets, soap dispensers, and toilets. Not long ago, I saw a commercial for a motion-activated ‘smart’ kitchen sink and begin wondering about all of the other ‘smart’ products on the market.

While researching, I decided to step into my local electronics store to see what was on the shelves--I was NOT disappointed. There were appliances and products for every part of the home, all of which were labeled ‘smart.’

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that not all of these products are compatible with all plumbing systems, nor are they all made to work with every smartphone. I left the store and decided that if I were to purchase any of these ‘smart’ items, I would consult with someone that had a bit more expertise!

What Exactly is a ‘Smart’ Home?


A ‘smart’ home doesn’t have to be a brand-new house with appliances that talk to you. A home can be considered ‘smart’ if it has a number of appliances that learn behavior to make the owner’s life better and conserve energy.

Any home that uses predictive technology (the kind found in thermostats and lights) can be considered a smart home! To give you a clearer picture, a smart home might look like this:

The thermostat turns the air to low when it notices there is no motion in the house, your shower starts at the time you wake up, and your fridge might remind you to pick up milk and eggs.

Digital Showers Can be Your Best Friend


Digital showers are an amazing piece of plumbing! These fixtures can be set to the exact temperature you prefer along with the water pressure that is needed. They can be set for multiple people, too.

Additionally, if your partner tends to take long showers that make them late for work, a digital shower can be set to cool the temperature, making that person get a move-on in the morning! There are a couple downsides to these digital showers.

The biggest disadvantage is the cost--they are not cheap! Also, because these are relatively new to the market, they still have a few kinks. Users have reported corrosion or non-responsive systems. Over the coming months and years, these problems should get better but in the meantime, the showers are typically covered by warranties.

Finding a Shower-head

If you aren’t ready to invest in a digital shower, you don’t have to completely forget the idea of a luxurious bathroom! You can simply choose to upgrade your showerhead. There are so many on the market that can make any shower feel spa-like. A few favorite showerheads include these:


These are just a few types of showerheads that we’ve had our eye on. If you don’t like any of those options, talk with a professional from The Plumbing Factory!

Call The Plumbing Factory For Help With Smart Plumbing!

If you are ready to start upgrading your home and considering ‘smart’ appliances, take a minute to call The Plumbing Factory! We can help you choose the best products for your home, lifestyle, and budget.

We’ll also make sure your ‘smart’ plumbing is installed correctly and be available for any needed service. We hope you’ve learned a few things about ‘smart’ appliances and if you did, take a minute to share this article with your friends and family!